Empowering OEMs to maximize ROI for their excess inventory of finished goods and electronic components.

Many manufactures encounter the kind of situation where some of surplus material's use value has not decreased and the surplus inventory is the result of no longer suitable for the company's product manufacturing. KEY COMPONENTS can provide the consummation consignment service for you, enabling the inventory to have the largest recovery potential and value through providing the longer sales cycle. At present, the consignment inventory value of KEY COMPONENTS amounts to several million US dollars with each returns-ratio of consignment project reaching as high as 80%.

If you face such a problem, you will only need to hand in the Inventory list to us. First our experts will appraisal all components according to the commodity type and the fluidity of Inventory list in the high/low US dollar market. Then your Inventory will be transported to KEY COMPONENTS for consignment reducing your warehouse expenses. Bringing your excess inventory to a large number of potential buyers, the KEY COMPONENTS’s sales network will sell your excess inventory at the fastest speed and the maximum efficiency . KEY COMPONENTS observes you restricted condition and ways of Inventory resale set forth in place. As your reliable partner in asset recovery, we guarantee the compliance with all global environment regulations and standards, and strictly protect our clients’ business secrets.

We not only sell electronic components, but we also provide electronic component recycling services. Please contact our recycling specialist for further assistance ([email protected]).

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